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Wounded by sniper in the Occupied Gaza Strip

10 Super Bowls, six Olympic Games

Sample of Associated Press Assignments

1985 -  2000  Staff Photographer The Associated Press

- 1987 Civil Unrest in Haiti

- 1988 Tanker War, Persian Gulf

Summer Olympic Games, South Korea

- 1989 Oil Spill, Exxon Valdez, Alaska

Fall of the Berlin Wall

U.S. Invasion of Panama

- 1990 Children's Hospitals, Nicaragua

Gulf War, Saudi Arabia

- 1991 Invasion of Iraq, Occupation of Kuwait

Kuwait, Anniversary of Invasion by Iraq

War in Croatia

-1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville, France

Summer Olympics, Barcelona, Spain

War in Croatia, Bosnia

U.S. Invasion of Somalia

-1993 Flooding in Iowa

Riots in LA

-1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammer, Norway

Uprising, Occupied Gaza Strip

Wounded by sniper, March 15

U.S. Invasion of Haiti

War in Bosnia

- 1995 War in Bosnia

South Asia w/First Lady

- 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta

- 1997 Funeral for Princess Diana

- 1998 Winter Olympic Games, Nagano, Japan

- 1999 War in Kosovo

Runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize

John Gaps




A top flight photojournalist, John Gaps has years of experience behind and in front of the camera. He produces stills and video, including high quality event coverage.

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