Pet Cremains: Eternal Love in a Glass Blown Heart

The loss of of a pet can strike us deep in our hearts. While our pet’s memories will forever be with us, it’s in art that we can capture an artistic impression of our pet. It wasn’t until 2016 when we lost our beautiful golden retriever Gordon that I even considered working with cremains. Aside from spreading some of his ashes in his favorite places, I decided to incorporate them into glass and other artwork to have him near me every day. I find it comforting to remember him this way, so I am offering a special opportunity through our studio in Winterset.

Robin Paul will use your pets’ cremains to create a unique and beautiful piece of glass art that you can keep with you forever (and if you are interested in doing the same with the cremains of a human loved one, that is also possible). With artistic swirls of color and ashes, each work of art is unique to you and your pet. Your best friend’s cremains are handled carefully and with the utmost respect.

The ashes show up as a white cloud layer in the colored glass, and each are handmade by local artist Robin Paul. When you make the decision to have this artwork created, we will simply use a teaspoon of the remains with the glass during the glassblowing process. For those who would like to observe the creation process, you can schedule a time to come to the studio. Each order is completed and delivered within two weeks and less than 1/2 teaspoon of cremains are required per order. (Any remaining ash will be returned.) This is an incredibly beautiful way to remember your best friend and keep him or her with you forever. The cost is $75, each additional piece is $50.